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Monday, June 23, 2008

Coach K(kk): Already An Apologist

The team has now been selected.

But, before even so much as an exhibition game has been contested, the US Olympic Basketball coach has already begun to set the groundwork for explaining not coming home with the top prize.

“It’s really the world’s game. We think we’re the best at playing that game,” said coach Mike Krzyzewski, warning that “unless we show the respect to the rest of the world that it is the world’s game” there will be no gold medal.

We wonder, how should the US team go about showing respect to the rest of the world that basketball is in fact the world's game?

And, we also wonder if Kryshevalski would have already begun a campaign of preemptive excuses if his roster included any caucazoidal players.

Certainly, sending the most evil, polarizing coach available; a coach renowned the world over for meticulously extracting and removing the NBA potential from his players, and letting him coach NBA one way of showing the world we respect the game.

This can't possibly turn out well for the Nation.

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