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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Enough is Enough: When Will Negro Coaches Learn?

A few weeks ago, Brother Charles Barkley valiantly spoke out about the hiring practices of his troubled alma mater, Auburn.

Brother Charles, with full insider's knowledge, disclosed that Auburn had chosen not to pursue the employ of the up and coming savior of the University of Buffalo, Turner Gill. Gill, the possessor of a glorious resume that included a history of winning as a player, learning to coach under the tutelage of a Hall of Famer and taking a moribund corpse of a program to a conference title in the blink of a three year span; had been relegated to nothing more than a passing interest because of the baggage he carried with him: a white wife.

Certainly, Gill is not the first Negro male to stray from the fruits offered on the family tree of the Motherland. And certainly, Gill has to be upset that his choice of nuptial fulfillment has come back to cost him the chance to move up the ladder of coaching opportunity.

Lesson learned. And blame placed where it belongs. On the white woman.

Hopefully Brother Coaches will understand the error of Gill's ways and truly learn.

As more and more head coaching positions have come open with the end of the season, it's clear that college administrators have heard the demands levied by NOIS on behalf of the Negro Coach.

At one point, we were down to the venerable Kevin Sumlin at Houston and Miami's rule conscious Randy Shannon as the only D1 Negroes with corner offices. But, our hard line stance on behalf of qualified and determined Negroes with a whistle has opened the door for several openings to be darkened in.

However, Brother Coaches, NOIS can only do so much. We can only bring pointed and concentrated media attention to the issue. We can't work miracles. We can only witness them.

Therefore, after reading this, we can only ask that Negro coordinators with ambitions of receiving a head coach's pay check please be advised to resist the temptation of the most rotten apple in Eden. The white seductress.

Nothing good has ever come of a Negro man taking a white wife. Nothing. And, as clearly demonstrated by Brother Charles' summation of Gill's tribulations and Charlie Strong's trials detailed in the link we gave; nothing good can come of it.

If the temptation of the bleached na-na is too powerful, by all means, partake. But please don't feel compelled to take the dead man's walk down the aisle.

Look no further than the paternity of our Royal Potentate-elect. No marriage. No opportunities lost. And something good did come of it.


The white woman has already ruined the white man. Let's not let her destroy the opportunities of our Negro Coaches.

(edit- Soon after his remarks, Barkley was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Barkley has a white wife.)


Two Dogs said...

Barkley was also picking up a sistah to get skin flute playing lessons, so........

Foxxy Brown said...

Did these brothers not see "Undercover Brother?!"

Two Dogs said...

Foxxy, was that the one where Eddie Griffin slide through the intersection in the Caddy and never spilled the Big Gulp? Dammit, I laughed at that.

Foxxy Brown said...

@ Two Dogs - i do believe that's the one

" I call it 'Black-man's Kryptonite'"

y2j said...

"Nothing good has ever come of a Negro man taking a white wife. "

Sir, what say you about Barack Obama.


Jim Philips said...

I know why they don't that kind of thing. Even though they sounded like nuts to avoid to get that kind of player. We are surprise at Hostpph community.