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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barry Bonds: Finally, His Ball In The Hall!


After negotiating and negotiating with Mark Ecko, the procurer of Barry Bonds record breaking ball, the Hall of Fame will be able to display the ball.

Supposedly, the point of contention was that Ecko originally wanted to loan it to the Hall, but the Hall will only accept unconditional donations. In other words, the Hall demanded to be the soul possessor of Bond's ball.

Certainly, we originally thought the hold up was this absurd 'trial' and all the rumors and innuendo that have contaminated Bonds' legacy. It's comforting to know that the Hall is not casting judgment or taking sides prior to a fair and reasonable resolution of Bonds' situation.

Our next concern was that the Hall was taking an opportunity to mitigate Bonds' accomplishment by making some sort of 'statement' through the display. But, the classy way that Mark McGwire's ball was displayed (with no insinuation or innuendo pointing towards his connection to the performance enhancement allegations) certainly lets us know that this is simply a museum documenting Bonds record.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the entire process is Mark Ecko's personal tribute to Bonds. Ecko, a fashion designer with a flair for artistic design, added his very own personal touch to the ball. He branded it.

Ecko branded the ball with a unique star design, custom fashioned to symbolize the amplitude of Bonds' achievement.

Thank you, Baseball Hall of Fame, enshriners of alleged KKK members Rogers Hornsby and Tris Speaker, for making sure you gave Barry Bonds a special place in the Hall. And for taking the time to draw special attention to his most precious artifact...when you never took the time to do so for the so many pieces of memorabilia commemorating the achievements of caucazoid players who may or may not have engaged in questionable activities.

Barry Bonds: the true 'star' of the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Big Man said...

Great take.

The Hall just recently revised Jackie Robinson's plaque to note that he actually had to deal with racism during his playing years. They called it "great adversity" but at least the acknowledged something was going on.

So, there is hope.

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

and don't forget...the asterisk is part of Ecko's logo! what a douche...

MMurr said...

NOIS, I assume you have thoughts on the Red Sox thinking about offering Bonds a free-agent contract. Will they offer? Will he accept?